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Thank you for visiting Double Action Creative online! This website is designed and maintained by the DAC principal designer; it is manually composed of W3C compliant XHTML and CSS, features a liquid layout, and is optimized for PDA devices. As such, this website is intended to demonstrate a user interface declaring an overall design manifesto of tuned sophistication and dynamic functionality with a creative flourish.

A functional, yet aesthetically pleasing web presence is a critical asset in the twenty–first century. Your network audience requires a professional, functional, user–friendly, and efficient interface if they are to relate to you through any degree of influence, space, or time in this vast global enterprise we know as the internet. A well–developed website is a sound investment in mutual trust. It represents your persona, viability and vitality throughout the cyber–community of social networking and e–commerce. Your website defines critical impressions of your entity that many people will experience primarily via the internet. It is best, then, to make it good.

DAC can design an efficient, coherent and comprehensive website interface for you, which is strategically scalable and ported for a variety of dynamic media and scripting. From simple websites with just a few pages, to extensive sites with dynamic interfaces and options, DAC will help you shine with a website that upstages your presence among the digerati.

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